The Importance of Outdoor Playground Flooring

When you were a child, what was the floor of your outdoor playground like? Chances are, there was no flooring; perhaps it was rocks or cement. If you have children now and want to create a playground in your own backyard, or are a municipal official thinking of building a playground for your community Give special thought to your outdoor playground flooring, as the ground covering can affect the safety of the children who will be playing there.

Considerations for Outdoor Playground Flooring

Here are some of the major qualities which you should look for and make sure that the flooring you eventually choose should have when shopping around for outdoor playground flooring:

  • Absorb shock and impact: So children don’t hurt themselves when they fall.

  • Absorb sound: This one is for the adults. While the sound of happy children is wonderful, no one wants to listen to screaming children all the time!

  • Non-skid or anti-slip: So children don’t fall as easily!

  • Can be transferred from both outdoor and indoor settings:

  • Environmentally friendly: Self explanatory!

  • Weather proof and UV light stable: Flooring can fade or reflect glare from the sun, which can harm little eyes.

  • Low maintenance: You’ll want flooring that is easy to take care of.

  • Very durable and resilient: You don’t want to have to replace the flooring every few months! Make sure it can withstand little feet.

  • Soft: So children don’t hurt themselves!

  • Customized design: Just becase it’s the floor doesn’t mean how it looks doesn’t matter! (Children are also shorter and closer to the ground—consider that). As part of choosing the customized design of your flooring, you can choose from among various options for color combinations, including red, blue, yellow, green, light green, dark green, terracotta, orange, and black. You can choose from among red, orange, blue, yellow, light green, and dark green for the EPDM colour top and from among black, terracotta, and green for the SBR colour top.

  • Beveled edges: these are advantages for drainage purposes. Because your playground will be outdoors, it will be particularly susceptible to weather conditions such as rain or snow. You do not want rainwater or melted snow to build up on your flooring, as this can be risky for the children.

By choosing the right outdoor playground flooring, you can ensure that your kids’ playtime will be happy, healthy, and safe.

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