The Invacare Wheelchair 9000sl Offers Key Features for Users

The Invacare Wheelchair 9000sl Offers Key Features for Users

As you take a look at the wheelchair options on the market today, you will find the Invacare brand is perhaps one of the best known. It offers a lot of the key features that users need and provides a level of comfort that is hard to beat. If you are looking at their line up of wheelchairs – and there are several styles to select from – there are a few key things to seek out. Take a closer look at what the Invacare Wheelchair 9000sl has to offer, for example.

Built to Last

Most people will need to get a lot of wear and tear out of their wheelchair. That is one way the Invacare Wheelchair 9000sl is a good fit. It is a very durable option. It has a high strength carbon steel frame to it. It also has cross braces that help to add durability and strength to the frame. And, it has a dual axle design. All of this helps to ensure the wheelchair is very reliable and dependable as you move it even over uneven surfaces.

What Else You Will Find

There are a few other features that help this particular Invacare wheelchair to stand out. That includes the 16-inch flip back arms, the self-propelled features, and the seat-to-floor height options for users. The wheels are the no flex style, which gives them more durability and easier maneuverability.

For those who need a wheelchair that can depend on for routine use inside and outside, the Invacare Wheelchair 9000sl can work very well. It is designed to offer top-notch performance on a long term basis. And, it is also a rather comfortable wheelchair to use as well. Invest a few minutes in comparing the features of each Invacare option.