The Key To Success Is In Quality Craft Brewery Equipment

There are many different ways to start a craft brewery. Some people start by purchasing an already established brewery and simply converting it to brew the beers they choose to market. A more common way and one that offers greater flexibility in the cost of the startup is to build a brewhouse from the ground up.

In general, the most costly part of starting a brewery is going to focus on the equipment in the brewery. Other factors are also important to consider including processing regulations, wastewater management, marketing and promotions, and other business-related factors. Some of these allow options for cutting costs, but there is at least one place where choosing low-cost over quality is never a good idea.

Saving money on craft brewery equipment is only a good option if the equipment is top quality. Purchasing used brewery equipment is always risky as there is never an accurate picture of how it has been maintained, cleaned and operated. If the brewery went out of business and this was related to the quality of the product, it is very likely that either the production methods used or the equipment is to blame, and it is often a combination of the two.


Purchasing new craft brewery equipment may not be as costly as aspiring brewers anticipate. There are specialized craft brewery equipment providers in the United States catering to smaller production facilities. These companies offer different models and options, allowing for a brewery to start small and expand as demand increases.

Look for companies offering craft brewery equipment with a top reputation of innovation in the craft brewery industry. These companies can work with you to design a customized brewery to meet your needs both for production as well as for your budget.

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