The Many Options of Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

The Many Options of Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

The Sikh, as with other groups in India, see marriage as a sacred ceremony between two individuals. The alliance of the couple is known as anand karaj, which means an act as joyful as the union of the soul with the almighty. In most cases, you will want to choose wedding invitations that are harmonious with the cultural norms and customs of the modern time. Many Sikh deliver Sikh wedding invitation cards by hand, although mail may be acceptable if loved ones live far away.

Material for the Card

Every aspect of the Sikh wedding cards is expected to be of the finest quality. That starts with the material that the card is made from. Some common options here include satin paper, silk paper, tissue paper, handmade paper, and more. Any textured paper will look both rich and beautiful for the guest. These will then be decorated with various artworks to add beauty to the card. The Texture is often a big part of the best Sikh wedding invitation cards.

Choosing a Font

The Sikh wedding invitation often uses rich calligraphy to spell out the message to the intended guests. You can think about this as similar to royal wedding cards you may have seen in the past. In many cases, the card will include holy verses of importance to the couple who are planning to be wed. Elegant and rich fonts work well for this type of event and the best card companies will have a grand selection to choose from.

Design of the Card

There are few wedding invitations that can compete with the Sikh regarding beauty and design. You can expect to see extras like binding, mirrors, stones, or weaving incorporated into the card to give it a distinct appearance. The presence of embossing, engraving, or printing can also add to the message and show the style of the couple who will be joining in matrimony.

Colors Used on Cards

Many bright colors are common Sikh wedding cards, with gold, white, and black being common. However, no matter what colors you prefer, there are many Sikh wedding cards to fit your taste. You can go with a traditional white and gold card or toss it up and do something more modern like yellow and teal.

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