The Simpler Way to Test the Potency of Cannabis Products in California

The Simpler Way to Test the Potency of Cannabis Products in California

The expensive way of testing the potency of your cannabis product is now a thing of the past. With this revolutionary weed test kit, making edibles in the comfort of your own home at a cheaper cost than buying in a dispensary. A brownie with 10 mg of cannabis infusion in a dispensary would cost around $2.00. A homemade brownie with the same amount of milligrams of infusion costs $0.50. That’s a 75% savings! SO, you are able to keep your hard-earned money where it belongs, inside your wallet.

tCheck, the weed test kit, also makes it easier for you to monitor the medicinal amount of cannabis that, as a caretaker, you may be having to give your patient or loved one. This allows you to know exactly how much to give without the worry of overdoing it or underdoing it. Growers can now accurately calculate how much they need to be selling their plants for by a simple test of their flower. This gives the grower a chance to get paid what they deserve.

The Infusion Essentials kit allows you to test infusions like butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and alcohol. The Potency Testing Plus kit does all of that and also allows for flower and concentrate testing. The Complete Cannabis Kitchen has the infusion testing option as well, but it also has everything you need to make your own infusions. And the Cannabis Professional does it all.

Throw out the worry and stress of the complicated calculations or the stress of not knowing the potency of what you are putting in your body. Instead, visit

to learn everything you need to know about cannabis testing with this weed test kit.

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