The Various Types of Residential Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos CA

Many people mistakenly think if they vacuum their carpets often, they are keeping them clean. While vacuuming does eliminate some of the dirt and debris that accumulates in any home on a daily basis, it does not get rid the accumulation that gets deep into the fibers. The best way to give them a thorough cleaning is through the use of a professional for Residential Carpet Cleaning Services San Marcos CA. Not every company uses the same process; you should inquire about the service you are getting beforehand.

Traditional Cleaning

The most common method anyone thinks about when they think of cleaning their carpets is the shampoo method. While this can be an effective method to deodorize and clean the carpeting, it does leave behind a residue from the detergent. A majority of the detergent or residue is vacuumed up after they are cleaned, but it is impossible to get 100 percent of it up. This leaves behind a residue that could attract more dirt and debris in the future.

The Dry Process

Many professionals are turning to the use of cleaners that simply absorb the dirt and debris without the use of water. The cleaner that is used during this process for carpet cleaning in San Jose goes deep down into the fibers, further than typical methods are able to reach. With the little use of water, there is a reduced risk of the damages excessive moisture can cause. In most cases, this is considered an organic or less harmful method to use, especially for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

Extraction Process

The extraction process requires the professional to spray a detergent and water mix onto the carpet. This mix forces the dirt to come up out of the carpet, enabling a deep cleaning of the fibers with little effort. The water solution is then extracted through the use of professional tools that are attached to a tank truck outside of the home.

If you are considering having a professional come to your home for carpet cleaning in San Marcos CA, you need to know your options. The traditional carpet shampoo and extraction process require drying time and could inconvenience your household for a few hours. The absorbent cleaners dissolve the dirt and involve little use of water, making it easy to use your carpet as soon as the process is complete. The technique you choose depends on your level of dirt and length of time you are willing to wait to be able to walk on the carpeting again.

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