Three Things to Understand About Powder Coating in West Michigan

Three Things to Understand About Powder Coating in West Michigan

There are a number of options to choose from when you are trying to decide on the right finish to metallic pieces. While many companies continue to use traditional painting methods to get the job done, custom powder coating in West Michigan offers advantages that other finishes do not. Having a better understanding of the powder coating process and its benefits will help you decide if it is the right finish for your particular metal fabrication project.

Powder Coating Definition

Powder coating is the application of an even coat of powder to the metal. The process is achieved using electrostatic spray disposition (ESD). After the ESD has been applied to the metal, the product is placed into an oven or heated by infrared heat in order to cure the powder.

Powder Coating Advantages

By curing the product after the powder is applied, the finish is extremely durable. The overall texture is much more consistent than liquid paint, due to the application process. The consistent texture and increased durability make the coating right for a wide variety of industries.

Applying Multiple Powder Coating Layers

One of the best features of applying powder coating is the fact that thicker layers can be applied than are typically achieved with liquid paint. Powder coating will not run or leak when a thick layer is applied. While this reduces the need for multiple coats, the application of multiple coats can easily be achieved before the curing process. These coats will create an even coat that will likely last longer than multiple coats of liquid paint.

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