Three Types of Tools That are Commonly Used for Metal Fabrication in Auburn WA

There are times when products available off the shelf will not suffice, and a customized solution will need to be developed, instead. By relying on experts at Metal Fabrication Auburn WA companies that end up in such situations can be sure of obtaining the parts they need. As is detailed online at, companies like Specialty Metals have many tools they can use to cut, form, fasten, and finish metals of various kinds.

Turning Raw Materials Into Products Customized to Suit Particular Needs

Sometimes, an older machine will break down and the part required to repair it will no longer be readily available. In other cases, it might be necessary to have a custom-made housing produced for a piece of equipment of unique dimensions.

By calling upon companies that are well-versed in Metal Fabrication Auburn WA businesses can obtain anything they might need in such situations and similar ones. Some of the types of tools and equipment that are most often used to fabricate metal in the area include:

  • Saws.

The simplest way to cut a given piece of metal to shape will sometimes also be the most appropriate. Mechanical saws that are designed to cut metals cleanly and quickly are found in virtually all fabrication shops in the area. While cutting using a saw blade tends to come with some drawbacks, it is a straightforward technique that is quite versatile.

  • Lasers.

Powerful laser beams can be used to cut sheets or other pieces of metal that are quite thick. Compared to a conventional saw, a laser will generally be able to cut more cleanly and accurately.

  • Forming machines.

Making a piece of metal conform to the contours of a mold or die can be the key to a particular project. Forming machines found in many metal fabrication shops apply thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch to achieve such results.

Many More Tools to be Used for Metal Fabrication Work

From plasma-powered welding devices to hydraulic rollers, they are many other kinds of equipment that are often found in metal fabrication shops in the area. That allows metal fabrication experts to achieve virtually any types of results that their clients might be after. Contact Specialty Metals for more information!

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