Tips For Getting The Best Rexnord Couplings For The Job

Tips For Getting The Best Rexnord Couplings For The Job

There are many different considerations that any Texas company must consider when choosing replacement parts and components for any equipment or system. When it comes to selecting couplings, most companies choose Rexnord couplings.

These couplings have an excellent reputation across industries in Texas. They are reliable, rugged and long-lasting, and they are also reasonably priced on the market with comparable quality bearings by other manufacturers.

Choosing the right Rexnord couplings for the job can be a difficult decision. There are several aspects of the application to keep in mind when narrowing down the selection to the ideal coupling.

Metal or Non-Metal

Elastomeric or non-metal components in the couple are popular, but in some applications, it is critical to have metal throughout the coupling. Both the elastomeric and metal couplings have subcategories, with different design and style options to accommodate specific systems.

In general, the choice of elastomeric is recommended for most applications. The rubber allows for greater misalignment without damage to the coupling, and they require no lubrication throughout their life cycle. The drawback is the risk of damage to the non-metal element if exposed to damaging chemicals or high-temperature types of applications. In these cases, the metal coupling is the best choice. Metal couplings are usually the coupling of choice for positive displacement systems.

Type of Use

There are specialized Rexnord couplings designed for different types of uses. These including high-speed applications, motion control systems and for specific-purpose industrial applications. There are also general use couplings that are a good match across most standard types of working environments and applications.

Ideally, understanding the working conditions for the coupling is the key factor in making the right selection. Top distributors can provide insight into coupling selection based on your given system or operation.