Top 5 List of Must Have Motor Home Accessories

No motor home can be complete with adding some extra accessories. Knowing which accessories to add to your motor home can go a long way to ensure maximum comfort and convenience during the trip. Below is a list of the five must have motor home accessories that will guarantee a safe and enjoyable long trip outdoors.

1. Portable Solar Panels

Everyone that owns a motor home should buy and install a portable solar panel. The portable solar panel can provide enough power to light the vehicle, charge accessories, watch a medium sized TV, and provide heating or cooling. With supplementary charging the battery can provide power throughout the night. Charging the battery through solar panels ensures the durability and long life of the battery.

2. Water Softener

Water softener is an essential motor home accessory that provides soft water for 10 – 32 days while costing very little to operate. The portable water softener can process around 16,000 gallons of water. You can get hardness test strips, inlet and outlet caps, drinking hose valve and other accessories with the water softener. Installing water softener will ensure that you have constant access to pure drinking water throughout the trip.

3. Smoke and Fire Alarm

A Smoke and Fire Alarm is an essential motor home accessory that can protect a trailer from fire. Installing a smoke detector inside the motor home will ensure maximum safety inside the trailer. The smoke detector will sound an alarm when it detects smoke or fire from inside the trailer. Just make sure to test the detector once a month and the replace battery if required.

4. Tow bars

Tow bars are another must have motor home accessory. The tow bars will give you perfect convenience of parking your motor home. The main benefit of using the tow bar is that you don’t have to worry about having your motor home drift down the road while you are sleeping inside the mobile trailer.

5. Surge Guard

A surge guard connects to the motor homes electrical cable and will protect the electrical circuitry inside from power surges. This must have motor home accessory is not that expensive and is really easy to install. The great thing is that the connector protector will allow you to remotely monitor the electrical power inside the trailer. You can detect faulty conditions with the electrical power of the trailer to make it easy to solve the power problem.

Adding the above motor home accessories will ensure perfect safety and convenience when going on a long road trip. The accessories will make the trip more enjoyable for all the people travelling in the motor home.

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