Top Features When Shopping for a Laser Engraver for Sale

Laser engraving is a convenient, safe, and precise solution for detailed engraving work. You can work with a variety of materials while producing clean cuts for professional engraving.
If you need a laser engraver for home use or for use in your workshop, you should first explore the top features to look for.

The Size of the Laser Engraver Bed

When shopping for a laser engraver for sale, consider the size of the bed. The bed is the area of the engraver where you place the material that you want to engrave. A larger bed will allow you to work with larger pieces.

Some laser engravers also allow you to adjust the height of the bed to accommodate taller materials. If you plan on working with large pieces, make sure that the bed will fit your materials.

The Power of the Laser Engraver

The next consideration when shopping for a laser engraver for sale is the power of the laser. You can find weaker lasers that offer 30 watts of power and stronger lasers providing 200 or more watts of power.

A stronger laser will allow you to work more quickly. It will not impact the size or depth of the cut. For home use, the power may not be as important. However, in a workshop, a powerful laser engraver can help boost productivity.

The Type of Laser Used for Cutting

When you start browsing for a laser engraver for sale, you should also consider the type of laser used by the machine. The main two types of lasers are CO2 lasers and fiber lasers.

Fiber lasers can produce a smaller focal point, resulting in more precise cuts. However, CO2 lasers tend to be efficient and suitable for use with a wide variety of materials.

Besides these factors, you may also want to consider the cost, reliability, and power requirements of the laser engraver. Remember these features as you start comparing your options.

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