Top Qualities For the Right Foreign Language Translation Service

Top Qualities For the Right Foreign Language Translation Service

Anne Michaels, author of “Fugitive Pieces,” once wrote “Reading a poem in translation is like kissing a woman through a veil.” While some things are inevitably lost in translation, translations also gain a freshness or uniqueness that differentiates them from the original—when they’re done right. That’s why finding the appropriate foreign language translator in New Jersey is so important. He or she should be someone who can capture the nuances of the language along with the heart and soul of the passage – not just the literal translations of chosen words. If you’re looking for a translation service, here are several good qualities you’ll want to look for:


These make it easy to tell if a translator is worth his salt or not. Extensive experience working in both the source as well as target language is always a winning credential. While it’s not a complete guarantee, it helps to considerably narrow down the field.

Service Quality

With the breadth of translation software and devices, most people still go for human translation services. That’s because, unlike programs or apps, a good translator understands your concerns and takes the effort and time to ensure you get what you want. They are more accurate and hence, deliver better results.

Core Knowledge

Need someone to translate medical notes? Hiring a translation service that employs staff experienced in this industry goes a long way to ensuring you get the best translations possible. By being familiar with the terms, procedures and processes—to name a few—the foreign language translator can easily understand the context of the translations, making it easy to render the source text into the target language.


Talent always makes a difference. If you find a translation service that can provide you with great results with speedy turnaround times, that’s more than enough reason to keep them on. Speed plus quality ensures you get the translations you need at the soonest time possible. If you’re looking for a high-grade, dependable language service, Accurate Language Services can help.

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