Two Important Steps to Take Before Junking Your Old Car in Blue Island

If you have old cars sitting around in Blue Island that’s not running, junking it could be a good way to get rid of it while earning some quick cash. However, it’s not as simple as calling the junk yard for a pick up. Here are a two important steps you should take before the tow driver picks up your junk cars in Blue Island.

Remove and turn in your license plate.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving your license plate on your car when you junk it. In fact, the if the tow driver is a professional, he/she will insist that you remove it. You’ll need to turn the plate in to your local DMV so that you won’t be responsible for the vehicle anymore. You may also be able to transfer the plates to a new vehicle.

Gather all necessary documents.

Don’t wait until the tow driver gets to your junk cars in Blue Island to start looking for documents. This will hold up the process or, even worse, you may find that you’re missing something and you’ve just wasted everyone’s time. Ask the junk yard company in advance what documents will be required and make sure you have them all before the tow driver gets there. These documents can include (but aren’t limited to) the title, insurance information, your state-issued ID card, and registration information.

Taking these two steps can save you some trouble during and after the process of junking your car. If you need to junk a car in the Blue Island area, New Cats Auto Parts can help.

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