Understanding the Importance of Pet Neutering in Alexandria VA

Pet Neutering in Alexandria VA is more important now than ever. Displaced shelter dogs and cats are euthanized every day for lack of a caring home, and much of this could be avoided with increased awareness among pet owners. Neutering your cat or dog will ensure that he is not responsible for unwanted pregnancies, which means no chance of his offspring ending up in a shelter cage.

On top of the satisfaction engendered by doing your part to ensure that no additional pets have to go without a good home, neutering your animal comes with a variety of health and behavioral benefits to your male dog or cat. It’s scientifically proven: neutering your male dog will prevent potentially life threatening prostate infections and other problems later in life. In addition, it will protect your pet against testicular cancer, and a certain variety of hernias and tumors.

In addition to the health benefits of neutering, you should note that the simple surgery comes with a variety of behavioral benefits as well. Negative behaviors such as territorial marking and aggression in both dogs and cats, and roaming in male dogs, can be ameliorated with early neutering. Because these behaviors become ingrained as habits over time, surgery may not change them if your pet is left intact for too long. Most experts agree that these habits become solidified at around one year of age.

Many pet owners worry that their pets will respond poorly to the surgery, but most animals recover quickly and return to their former playful loving selves within a few weeks. And although the negative behaviors listed above can be avoided or at least lessened with early neutering, it’s important and reassuring to note that other aspects of your pet’s personality are likely to remain unchanged after the operation.

Veterinarians typically suggest undergoing the surgery at around six months of age to reap the full benefits of Pet Neutering in Alexandria VA, but the various preventative health benefits and responsible pet parenting aspects of the procedure are still quite relevant to older animals. If your dog or cat is an intact adult, it isn’t too late. Visit Hayfieldanimalhospital.com to learn more about local veterinary services.

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