Using Epoxy Flooring To Protect Your Miami FL Garage

Using Epoxy Flooring To Protect Your Miami FL Garage

Residential garages are often more than just a place to park a vehicle. In Miami FL, homeowners often use the garage as a storage area, a workspace or even as a place to just spend some time relaxing and enjoying a hobby.

Most garages in the Miami FL area are constructed with a concrete floor. Concrete itself is strong and ideal as a foundation, but it is not a material that is easy to maintain or particularly durable with regards to surface issues.

In fact, concrete is highly porous, which means it can absorb water, chemicals, oil and grease and other types of liquids. This absorption can lead to surface staining, damage to the surface that causes flaking and chipping, and even cracking.

Applying an epoxy flooring is an effective way to seal and protect the surface of the concrete. Having the flooring professionally applied provides a coating option that will last a lifetime and continue to look new with just a minor amount of maintenance.

Common Staining Issues

Through the professional application of epoxy flooring in Miami FL, the surface porosity of the concrete is sealed, which prevents any absorption of spills, drips or leaks on the floor. It also allows for easy spill cleanup with a simple wipe with a soft cloth all that is required for most types of spills.

In a garage, common sources of these types of spills include fluids from vehicles such as brake fluids, transmission fluid, gas, oil, radiator fluid and even spray on lubricants. Additionally, paint, stains, chemicals and even water can cause stains on untreated concrete surfaces.

There is a difference in epoxy flooring applied by professionals and the kits available through any hardware store. The professionally applied epoxy is highly resistant to spills including solvents and petroleum products, while the kits, which are water-based epoxy, are easily broken down by these materials.

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