Want to Apply for Social Security Disability in Kalamazoo? Get a Lawyer.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s “Market Watch,” those seeking to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Kalamazoo or anywhere else in the nation should get advice from a lawyer. Congress began allowing non-attorneys to represent claimants in Social Security cases several years ago. However, the results of that allowance have been less than ideal as countless cases have occurred where Social Security “advocates” have been caught committing fraud.

The Wall Street Journal reports that having a lawyer when seeking to apply for Social Security Disability makes better sense because lawyers are under certain ethical obligations by law that others may not be. An attorney has to uphold the interest of the client in all things, but has to do so within the confines of the law and by telling the truth. If an attorney violates this obligation, the attorney’s license and livelihood could be at risk.

One of the reasons that it has become so difficult to apply for Social Security Disability has been the crackdown on fraud and frivolous cases. Because some unscrupulous “advocates” have tried to manipulate the system, deserving claimants are being denied benefit to which they are due. It creates a vicious cycle because after being denied, these claimants innocently try to get help. Some turn to these lay-advocates which, in turn, perpetuates an unhealthy system, whereas if they had received help from an attorney, they would have received the assistance that they needed within the confines of all legal and ethical boundaries.

One of the major reasons to enlist the help of a lawyer when trying to apply for Social Security Disability benefits is that whether in Kalamazoo or elsewhere in the U.S., only an attorney can provide representation in federal court. Furthermore, judges and lawyers operate in the same milieu. They understand one another. They speak the same language, as it were. This gives the client a great advantage in getting a favorable decision in an appeal.

Trying to apply for Social Security Disability in Kalamazoo can be difficult enough as it is. With mountains of difficult paperwork, filing deadlines, and bureaucratic backlogs, it is not wise to add to the hassle by employing the help of someone who cannot fully represent you every step of the way. What is wise is to get the help of an SSD attorney who has the experience and the ability to stand by your side whether locally or at the federal level. In addition, hiring an attorney provides a sense of assurance in knowing that your assistance is being provided by someone who is held accountable by certain legal standards.

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