What are the Top 3D Animation Maker Software Applications?

What are the Top 3D Animation Maker Software Applications?

Creating 3D animated features is a process comprising many steps. From creating initial models and textures to assigning movement and trackers, to environment creation and scene-setting, everything needs the use of specific software. Any reputed 3D animation maker in India will always use software that can deliver high-quality, industry-standard results. Business owners also have a right to know what applications are being used to create their animation requirements.

So, what are the top 3D animation software applications used by Indian companies today? Discover them in the list below.

The Most Essential 3D Animation Maker Software Applications

  1. Blender – Blender is one of the most famous free and open-source 3D animation software applications today. This handy application enables hassle-free 3D model creation, texturing, animation, compositing and editing, and many more tasks. It is a package of tools utilised by animation studios to create 3D animation films, games, 3D models, games and motion graphics.
  2. Wings 3D – Wings 3D is not an animation software but it is known for its powerful 3D modelling capabilities. 3D modellers tend to prefer this application due to its intuitive and simplistic workflow. Wings 3D is a firm favourite of many professionals who want to perform fast and easy character modelling. The user-friendly UI and AutoUV mapping are few important features of this software application.
  3. Source Filmmaker – Source Filmmaker (SFM) is a capturing and video editing application that is a part of the Source game engine. It is a top choice for any 3D animation maker in India when it comes to rendering, animation, and video editing. Made by game studio Valve, SFM is famous for its powerful components, the Motion Editor, Clip Editor, and Graph Editor.
  4. Mixamo – Mixamo 3D is an animation suite owned by Adobe that offers a vast selection of 3D animation and character models. Its libraries can be accessed by animators who want to obtain textured and rigged character models and motion-captured animations.

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