What is Custom CNC Machining?

What is Custom CNC Machining?

If you run a machine shop or manufacturing facility you may need many different kinds of machined parts. In addition, not all of your parts or products may be within your capabilities to create, and you might need to hire an outside service sometimes. When you require assistance, custom CNC machining services can be extremely valuable to your business. Let’s take a closer look at these services to show you some of the many benefits they can provide.

What Does Custom CNC Mean?

CNC refers to a machine process which utilizes the power of computerized technology. With custom services, machining is done to your specifications. Many intricate and time consuming operations can be done quickly and automatically. In fact, some machines are capable of performing a variety of operations including turning, boring and grinding and it can be done with amazing accuracy each and every time.

Why Choose Custom CNC Machining Services?

When you need a special part, a good CNC machine shop can easily create what you need. Many of these machines are programmable and it is as easy as changing the program to match the kind of part you require. Plus, there are many different kinds of machines, and they are capable of many procedures.

Cost Factor

Computerized machines can be very expensive. In fact, if you were to buy a new CNC machine it might be beyond your budget or could place your operation in the “red” for some time. In addition, you might not have room in your shop for a new machine, so you may have to expand your facility.
When you expand, it can cost a great deal of money and many companies simply cannot afford this kind of expense. However, there is good news when it comes to cost. If you take advantage of a custom CNC machining service, you have no production costs to be concerned with. There is no reason to expand and you won’t have to hire additional employees.

Greater Accuracy

Are you in need of high tolerance work? Computerized machining is capable of amazing accuracy. For example, you can receive work accurate to .005 of an inch.


It can take one machinist a long time to turn out a high tolerance part. A CNC machine can work with much greater speed than a human and without sacrificing quality or accuracy. In fact, CNC is capable of turning out one part after another and there is no need for the machine to take time off or go on vacation. The machine will function all day and even all night if necessary. Custom CNC machining can give you all the parts you need in the quickest amount of time.