What Kinds of Services and Treatments Can A Patient Expect From A Fertility Doctor?

A fertility doctor in Orlando can provide a variety of services to help couples who want children. They can both determine the cause of infertility and provide treatments.

What Does A Fertility Evaluation Involve?

During a fertility evaluation, the doctor will try to determine the probable cause of a couple’s difficulties. They will consider four categories of possible problems: structural abnormalities within the woman’s reproductive system, difficulty ovulating, a reduced number of eggs, and a low number of viable sperm.

The fertility doctor in Orlando will start by taking a detailed medical history. In many cases, this will give them a starting point as they continue their fertility evaluation. The fertility specialist will perform various tests at given points of the woman’s menstrual cycle. After examining the results, they will make their recommendations.

What Is IUI?

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination. The doctor will recommend IUI in cases involving a mildly to moderately low sperm count. After collecting a sperm sample, the doctor will manipulate it to sort out the most mobile sperm. They will then use a catheter to insert the sperm into the woman’s uterus.

When Is Genetic Screening Used?

Genetic screening or testing is done to determine the risk of a child being born with a genetic disorder. The first set of tests will be done to determine if the parents carry any genetic disorders. The doctor will test the mother first and then the father. If both parents are carriers, their child has a 25 percent chance of developing the disorder.

The fertility doctor will also administer genetic testing if the woman is undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilization). In this case, they will test the embryos before selecting one to implant in the woman’s uterus.

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