What Person Should Know About Bail Bondsmen Huntsville AL After An Arrest

Being arrested for a crime, whether the individual is innocent or guilty, can be a very scary experience. After the arrest, the person would go before a judge for a bail hearing. The amount of the bail set often depends on the severity of their crime. If a person cannot afford their bail on their own, they can work with Bail Bondsmen in Huntsville AL. Before working with a bail bondsmen, the individual should know how the process works.

10 To 20 Percent

When a bail bondsman agrees to cover the bond, the individual would be required to pay a percentage of the bail. Most bail bondsmen charge 10 to 20 percent. This money won’t be returned after the case is over. It is the fee that the bail bondsman charges for covering the cost of the bail.

Asset Liens

If the individual owns any assets, such as a home, the bondsman may put a lien on it. This ensures that they will get their money back if the individual doesn’t show up for court.

The Individual’s Responsibility

When working with a bail bondsman, the individual has just two responsibilities. The first is paying 20 percent of the bail. The second is to show up for every court appearance. If they miss even one, the bail will be revoked, and they will be sent to back to jail.

What Happens If the Individual Violates Their Bail?

If the individual violates their bail, there will be a warrant for their arrest. The bail bondsman would ask the individual to surrender themselves. If they don’t, the bail bond agency has the right to do what they can to locate them. If the individual cannot be found after six months, they would be responsible for paying the full bail amount themselves.

What Happens When the Case is Closed?

When the individual makes their final court appearance, and the case is done, the bail bondsman would release the lien on the house. There is nothing that the individual would need to do with the bail bonds company.

When a person is arrested, the only thing they care about is getting out of jail. This is where Bail Bondsmen in Huntsville AL can help. For information on bail assistance, contact A Discount Bonding Co. Inc or Browse website.

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