What Preparation Is Needed Before Window Installation in Naperville, IL?

What Preparation Is Needed Before Window Installation in Naperville, IL?

Window installation in Naperville, IL brings lots of benefits to your home. First, it adds more curb appeal to the overall outlook of your home. Secondly, modern windows are energy efficient, and installing them means a significant drop in your monthly energy bills. Regardless of the reasons for installation, homeowners need to take their time and prepare the installation area beforehand.

Start your preparations by cleaning the area outside and inside the window. If there is any furniture nearby the installation area, you should have it moved aside to create enough space. Also, you should check anything hanging on the walls or on floating shelves.

If you have kids and pets around, then it’s time you find a safe place for them. Out of inquisitiveness, your kid may access the installation area, making them vulnerable to injuries. Therefore, if you can’t move them to a temporary residence, you can restrict access to the work area.

The other area you would want to focus on is the landscaping. Sometimes, trees can overgrow and limit space on the exterior part of the window. Therefore, before the installers arrive, you should survey the yard and identify trees or shrubs that need pruning or trimming. Also, if there are delicate plants, you can have them relocated to avoid being stepped on.

Last but not least, you should find a way of protecting your floor and belongings. Since dust and debris are likely to be generated during excavations and installation, using a piece of tarp or plastic sheet to cover valuable items is necessary.

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