What To Discuss With A Bail Bond Agent On Pontiac

What To Discuss With A Bail Bond Agent On Pontiac

In Michigan, criminal defendants have the opportunity to be released from jail using bail bonds. The options are beneficial for individuals who are unable to pay their full bail value. A local bail bond agent in Pontiac provides bail bonds to all criminal defendants who are eligible for bail.

The Details Needed to Acquire the Bond

The defendant must provide specific details to the bonding agent to start the bail bond process. The bail bondsman needs the defendant’s full name, the name of the facility where they are being held, and a booking number. If the information isn’t readily available, the defendant’s representative could acquire it from the criminal court clerk.

The Total Cost of the Bail Bond

The total cost of the bail bond is calculated based on the rates required by the bail bondsman. The standard rates for a bail bond range up to fourteen percent of the bail value assigned by the judge. Once the defendant is assigned a bail value, the defendant or their representative can inquire about a bail bond.

The Terms of the Defendant’s Release

The terms of the defendant’s release are explained when they post bond. Some common stipulations apply to the consumption of alcohol or the use of controlled substances. Other terms could prohibit the defendant from visiting a victim or an establishment due to the circumstances of their arrest. If the defendant doesn’t follow the terms of their release, their bail bond is revoked and the defendant is arrested.

Repercussions That Apply to Bail Bonds

After the defendant is released on a bail bond, he or she must comply with terms related to their court appearances. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, their bail bond is revoked and a bench warrant is issued. Any collateral that was provided to secure the bond is collected by the bail bondsman.

In Michigan, bail bonds are secured through cash payments, credit card charges, and checks. However, defendants can use collateral to secure the bond. The collateral must equate to at least the value of the bail bond. Defendants who need more information from a Bail Bond Agent in Pontiac are encouraged to contact us right now. Contact EZ1 Bail Bonds today!