What to Discuss with a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Bowie, MD

What to Discuss with a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Bowie, MD

In Maryland, dog attacks present a higher probability of serious injuries. The events are unpredictable and scary for the victims. City ordinances are in place to reduce the potential for the attacks. A dog bite injury lawyer in Bowie, MD assists victims of dog attacks.

The Location of the Dog and Its Owner

The victim must provide all details about the dog, where the accident happened, and who the owner is. If the victim isn’t sure about all the details, then they can point the animal control officer in the right direction. The officer investigates the attack and finds the dog in question.

Was the Dog Vaccinated?

The dog owner is notified of the attack, and the animal control officer requests information about the dog’s vaccination records. If the dog wasn’t vaccinated, then the owner is required to place the dog into quarantine with their licensed vet. The quarantine lasts up to 12 days, and the findings are reported to the animal control officer.

Does a Strict Liability Apply

Strict liability applies if the dog was involved in previous attacks. If proven, the dog owner must provide tort-based compensation to the victim along with economic damages. The dog owner is considered liable since they were aware of the dangers and failed to protect the public. Once a new attack happened, the dog owner is responsible for their failures.

What Damages Are Available Through a Legal Claim?

First, the victim could receive economic awards that equate to all their financial losses. This includes medical bills and lost wages. Any additional expenses incurred by the victim are included in their claim. The total that the victim receives depends on what they prove and how severe their injuries are.

In Maryland, dog attacks are a common occurrence and lead to serious injuries for victims. Unfortunately, the events occur due to a failure to maintain control over the animal. Strict liabilities would come into play if the dog was involved in previous attacks. Under the circumstances, the owner must provide further compensation. Victims who want to learn more about the cases should contact a dog bite injury lawyer in Bowie, MD or browse our website right now.