What To Expect At A Routine Dental Visit

What To Expect At A Routine Dental Visit

It recommended and even paid for by dental insurance to see a dentist every 6 months. The mouth is a window to the rest of the body. If you are having gum disease or gingivitis in your mouth, you could be having other issues throughout your body. That is why it is so important to see a dentist in Glen Rock for routine cleanings.

It is best to get in the habit of seeing the dentist regularly. You should not wait till you are having pain or some kind of emergency to see a dentist in Glen Rock. By going regularly, you could prevent serious problems like cavities or tooth decay. Make it a habit to schedule your next 6 month appointment at the end of your last appointment. That way you will not forget to schedule it and have to wait till the dentist can get you in.

At each routine visit, you will have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist and examined by the dentist. During the cleaning, any tartar and plaque buildup will be removed. By removing them, this helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. The longer those things sit on your teeth, the more likely you will have problems later on. It is recommended to get x-rays once per year to examine the roots of your teeth and to see if any wisdom teeth are coming in. Younger children might get x-rays more often if they still have baby teeth left to fall out. X-rays will show the permanent teeth under the gums.

While the hygienist is cleaning your teeth, she will also make sure your gums are healthy by doing a simple test on them to see how much they bleed. If they bleed more than normal, it might mean you are not brushing or flossing correctly. The dentist in Glen Rock can give you tips on how to more effectively brush and floss your teeth. During the cleaning, your teeth will be examined for any soft spots or sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures.

Once your teeth have been cleaned, the dentist will give one last look to make sure everything looks good. You will probably be given a new toothbrush and toothpaste and asked if you have any questions. Do not hesitate in asking any questions because that is what they are there for. While it is important to see a dentist regularly, it is also just as important to brush and floss correctly at home.

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