What To Expect With Office Cleaning In Pittsburgh

What To Expect With Office Cleaning In Pittsburgh

Carpeted offices or those with tile floors with grouting need to have regular cleaning to stay looking fresh, new and beautiful. In Pittsburg, the year-round seasonal weather can be very hard on flooring of all types and also an issue for upholstered furniture. In these situations, hiring office cleaning specifically for floors and furniture is a must.

Many businesses may choose to use a general cleaning service to handle their floor and upholstery cleaning needs. While this may seem like a convenient option, there are some important factors to consider. These companies often don’t provide specialized training to employees operating the equipment, at least not as it applies to actually getting carpets clean the safe and effective way.

Chemical Used

Most professional cleaning services now offer some form of a “green” cleaning option. However, this doesn’t mean that their office cleaning is free from any type of chemicals. It just means that they do not use specific types of cleaners that have identified chemicals that are dangerous or hazardous.

The result is, even with these green cleaning products, a residue can be left from the cleaners on the carpet, tile, grout and upholstery. While not harmful, it still creates a sticky surface that traps dust, dirt and debris.

Over time, areas of carpet and upholstery cleaned with any type of chemical will seem to get continually dirtier and dirtier. They may even begin to feel stiff and hard and this will be more pronounced with commercial cleaning chemicals.

The Better Option

The alternative is to use a cleaning service that doesn’t use any chemicals. Instead, these services us water that has been ionized to grab dirt and remove dust, debris and stains from the carpet.

In addition to just cleaning, these types of processes using water can also be very effective at sanitizing naturally. This removes the need for those horrible smelling chemicals and ensures that the carpet is not just visibly clean but deep cleaned.

With a deep cleaning, the carpet, grout, tile and furniture will not just look great, but it will actually last much longer. Carpet and rug fibers will not pack down due to the gummy residue, keeping the carpet looking newer as long as possible.

When choosing a Pittsburgh company for your office cleaning, be sure to check online and look for ratings and feedback. You may also want to ask for references from other businesses, the top carpet cleaning companies offering commercial services will be well-known in the business community.