What to Look for in Kitchen Cabinets

What to Look for in Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of any home. That is where family gathers and when you entertain, half of your guests tend to end up there. Having well-made, beautiful cabinets in there is just one more way to show your pride in your home. For the average person, how do you know if you are looking at well-built kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh. Read on for a few tips that can help you.

The Surface of the Cabinet

The face of a cabinet (meaning any part you can see when it is closed) should be uniform in color and free of any other deformities. Anywhere that there are pieces that are attached to each other, it should be almost unnoticeable. The front of the doors should be single solid pieces of wood. Also make sure that when a row of cabinets come to an end, the side of the last one looks like all the rest of them and that the side piece is held on with screws on the inside so they cannot be seen. The box that house the unit should be made of wood that is at least ½ inch think on the side and the bottom and any shelves need to be ¾ inch thickness,

Good Cabinets versus Great Cabinets

It is true; the devil’s in the details. There is one drawback here; the details you need to be thinking about are not easily seen. The first thing you should be looking at is the hinges. They need to be tunable to that you can always align them with the door frames. Another area to check, shelf locks. They should be sturdy and have metal brackets, not plastic. At Business Name, they carry quality cabinetry and have the trained staff to do the installation for you.