What You Need to Know about Botox Chevy Chase MD

What You Need to Know about Botox Chevy Chase MD

From research done by the Academy of Plastic Surgeons, one of the most popular cosmetic enhancements done is Botox injections. It is estimated that over eight hundred thousand patients undergo this procedure each year.

Originally, this treatment was used to treat wrinkles that appear on the forehead as well as between the eyebrows. It has, however, been found to also be effective in the treatment of excessive sweating, crow’s feet and even involuntary twitching of the eyes. Here are some things that you need to know if you are contemplating Botox Chevy Chase MD.

* The first thing that you should do is conduct some research about the procedure. Although a lot of people are familiar with the term Botox, not many actually know what it comprises of. Typically, these injections will last for about four months. This means if you would like to maintain the results, you would have to go for another round of treatment after the period has passed. This means that you should prepare yourself for the costs you would incur for additional treatments.

In addition to this, one needs to understand the different areas that can be treated as well as those that can’t. There are also some people who are not able to undergo this treatment thus it would be advisable to know from the get o if you fall under this category.

* The next thing you should do is try to locate a qualified doctor who can do this procedure for you. You may find that Botox is offered in spas as well as by beauty professionals. Although they may deal with a lot of clients, it is not advisable to have this procedure done by an unqualified professional. Your best bet would be to deal with a plastic surgeon that has full understanding about the procedure and who is best placed on deciding the course of action that would be best suited to your specific needs. Ensure that, before you settle on a doctor to do this procedure for you, they are licensed as well as have the proper experience when it comes to Botox Chevy Chase MD.

* Before having the procedure done, ensure you know exactly what to expect once it is done. Do this by having a candid conversation with your doctor regarding how the procedure is done as well as what is the norm during the healing period.

A round of treatment will, typically, take about fifteen minutes. This is due to the fact only a little Botox is used. In some cases it may, however, take a bit longer depending on the areas that need to be treated. There are individuals who experience no pain while this treatment is being one whereas there are others that may experience some discomfort.

Tamjidi Skin Institute expertly administer Botox treatments with attention to fine detail in order to give you smoother skin for a more rested, youthful appearance.

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