What You Should Know About Grapevine, TX Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants use bail bonds to get out of the county jail. A bonding agent provides the bonds after they receive a fee or collateral. The current financial circumstances of the defendant determine if they can pay their bail or need a bail bond. A local bonding company provides Grapevine TX Bail Bonds for all defendants who are eligible for bail.

What Inform Does the Bail Bondsman Need?

The bondsman needs specific information the defendant in order to process the bail bond correctly. They need the defendant’s entire name and the jail where they are being held. The defendant’s representative needs to get the defendant’s booking number from the county jail, too.

How is the Fee Calculated for the Bail Bond?

The bail bondsman calculates the price of the bail bond according to the bail set by the judge. The standard fee for a bail bond is between ten and fourteen percent of the bail. The percentage that applies to the calculation is based on the fees set up by the county. However, 14% is the highest value a bail bondsman can charge a criminal defendant.

Understanding the Terms of the Release

The correctional officers explain the defendant’s terms of release. The terms relate to their criminal charges and may include the prohibition of drinking and using any controlled substances. If any term of their release is violated, then the defendant is arrested again and must stay in the jail until their court date.

Why It’s Urgent to Attend Court

Any failure to appear in court leads to a subsequent arrest. When defendants don’t appear in court, the presiding judge issues a bench warrant for the defendant. A bench warrant allows officers to arrest the defendant without probable cause. The bail bond is also revoked, and some defendants aren’t eligible for bail after the new arrest.

In Texas, criminal defendants get out of jail through bail or a bail bond. When approaching a bonding agent, the defendant’s representative must provide specific details to get the bond. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about Grapevine TX Bail Bonds contact local Bail Bonding Services right now.

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