Who Needs a Good Supply of Needle and Syringe Combinations?

Who Needs a Good Supply of Needle and Syringe Combinations?

Injections are a major part of the medical and dental fields, allowing doctors, nurses and dentists to administer medications and other fluids and gases into patients as needed. Because of the large volume of these injections, it is important for these locations to keep a good supply of needle and syringe combinations on hand to best fit their needs. There are a variety of places that should consider buying these combinations in bulk for the lowest prices, along with high quality.

Medical Offices and Hospitals

Medical offices and hospitals often administer injections to patients. Whether they are administering a medication or anesthesia or drawing blood, they will need to use just the right combination of needle and syringe size to have the greatest impact. If the injection needs to go into the muscle, the needle will need to be stronger. If the fluid injected is thick, a larger gauge needle must be used. This means medical offices and hospitals often need a wide range of sizes.

Dental Offices

While a dental office doesn’t administer nearly as many injections as a doctor’s office or hospital, they still require a supply of needle and syringe combinations on hand. When patients undergo dental procedures, they may need local anesthesia to reduce or eliminate the pain in the area. In general, a dental office is more likely to need just one size syringe and needle to administer this anesthesia.

Pharmaceutical Companies

In some cases, medical or dental offices purchase preloaded syringes that already have the medication inside, allowing the office to more quickly administer it to patients. This means pharmaceutical companies require a bulk supply of these needles and syringes to ensure they are able to keep up with demands of medical and dental offices, as well as hospitals. This will ensure they have all the sizes they need ready to go when an order comes in.

Because injections are so important to the medical and dental fields, many offices and hospitals will need to keep a supply of needle and syringe combinations in a variety of sizes. This will ensure they have everything they need right when they need. Even pharmaceutical companies that provide medical and dental offices with preloaded syringes need to have a good supply so they will be able to fill any order that comes in quickly and efficiently. Without a large supply of these items, a doctor or dentist may not have what he needs for each patient.

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