Who Needs Long-Distance Medical Transport and Why?

Traveling can be stressful, even in the best of situations. When you or a loved one are dealing with chronic illness, recovering from surgery or an injury, or coping with a disability, travel can be downright disastrous.

Sometimes, though, travel is necessary. When this happens, it’s best to have a medically-trained and knowledgeable companion along for the ride. Long-distance medical transport is one way to get where you need to go – such as remote medical centers or out-of-town specialists – and keep your sanity along the way.

Who Needs Long-Distance Medical Transport?

Many people can benefit from travel companionship from a medically-trained professional. These include:

  • People with long-term or chronic illnesses
  • People with injuries that are not yet healed
  • People recovering from surgical procedures
  • People in need of medical monitoring during travel
  • People with physical or mental disabilities
  • Elderly people with limited physical strength or coordination

In all these cases, the client benefits from having a medically-trained companion along for the ride, and any other companions they may have will benefit from the peace of mind they’ll have in traveling with assistance.

Applications of Long-Distance Medical Transport

Typically, a person requiring long-distance transport is not someone with an emergent medical condition. There are exceptions, but most people who travel long distances with medical support along for the ride have chronic illnesses or conditions. These professionals help them travel safely and comfortably by offering medical monitoring, non-emergent medical intervention, advocacy, and help with basic self-care tasks.

If you or a loved one need long-distance medical transport services, contact your local provider of flight and travel nursing. They can offer you the companionship and advocacy you need to have a safer, more comfortable flight – and the monitoring you need to keep your health in line along the way.

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