Why a Garage Door Repair Contractor in West Chester, Ohio Is the Best Option

Many homeowners choose to attempt a garage door repair without calling in the professionals. However, any time the door needs to be repaired or replaced, a Door Repair Contractor in West Chester Ohio should be called in. Why is this the case?

The Dangers of Garage Door Repair

Torsion springs on a garage door are very dangerous, as they must be capable of holding up to 400 pounds. When the energy in these springs is released, a person may be severely injured or killed. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports approximately 20,000 individuals are seen in emergency rooms every year after attempting to fix their garage doors.

The professional examines the door to determine where any problems lie. He or she analyzes the cables, springs, counterbalance system and other components during this process. Also, he or she takes on basic maintenance tasks, such as lubricating the rollers, brackets, and hinges. Make certain the reversing sensors are included in this inspection, as the sensors work to prevent the door from shutting when an obstacle is found in its path.

The Weight of the Door

Another thing to consider before working on garage doors is the weight of the door. Many doors are made of steel because it is low-maintenance and affordable. Furthermore, steel can be painted to match the rest of the house. In addition, certain doors now look like wood or another preferred material. However, they are very heavy, which is why help is needed.

Replacing the Door

The time may come when the door must be replaced. The Door Repair Contractor can be of great help here also. He or she will make recommendations for the style and material of the door so it blends with the rest of the home. Furthermore, they can make recommendations based on local climate conditions. This can be of great importance during harsh Ohio winters or when temperatures rise during the summer months.

Contact a contractor today for assistance with your garage door. His or her help will be greatly appreciated when you see what the repair or replacement involves. The money you spend will be worth it when you protect your health and have a functioning garage door once again. Visit Us to learn more.

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