Why Invest in Fristam Pumps?

Why Invest in Fristam Pumps?

The cost of upgrading to new equipment, replacing failed components or choosing new pumps and equipment for new food and beverage production lines is always a factor to consider. Choosing to invest in cheaper, lower quality equipment may initially save money, but the longer-term consequences of this decision may be significant.

The pump, as the heart of the system, has to be reliable and efficient. It also has to be able to operate to the specifics of the system and the processing requirements. With food and beverage product the centrifugal line of Fristam pumps is often the go-to choice, but the company also sells positive displacement pumps which are ideal for many different applications.

Why Reputation Matters

When purchasing Fristam pumps, buyers have the Fristam company reputation behind their purchase. This is a company that has been in business for over 100 years, with their first pump available in Germany in 1931. Prior to the first pump, the company had focused on other types of dairy equipment and had been in the business since 1868.

The company has been selling pumps in the United States since 1973 and has a solid reputation for durable, low maintenance types of pumps that can stand up to real-world use in dairy processing and food and beverage processing applications.

All pumps with the Fristam name sold in the United States are designed, machined and assembled in the United States. This makes it easy to get replacement parts if needed, as well as to get quick answers to any questions about the pump.

Options in Pumps

In addition to reputation and reliability, Fristam pumps are also versatile. The line of pumps includes both centrifugal as well as positive displacement pumps that are built for both general as well as specific industry applications.

All pumps meet or exceed standards and requirements for sanitary use, and this makes these pumps a good return on investment for any plant or facility.