Why Not Add Stone to Your Commercial Landscape?

As you look out over your business landscape you may not be completely satisfied with what you see and you might be thinking of making some changes. Your commercial landscaping professionals can help you make the right choices, but there are many different options to consider. For example, have you ever thought about adding stone? You will find a number of benefits to this choice and it may not cost as much as you think.

Low Maintenance

Once you add stone to your landscape there is little else to do. For example, a stone wall or pavers will look good for many years and there is no need to paint or seal them. Maintaining your stone is not only cost effective but very simple.

Saving on Water

Many parts of the South have restrictions and even rationing on local water supplies. During dry times of the year, you may have a hard time keeping your land hydrated. Plus, the cost of water in many areas is quite high. The more stone features you add to commercial landscaping, the fewer grasses or plants you need to be concerned with. This not only saves water, it saves you on other costs too. In addition, your landscape professionals can use stone, native plants and low water plants to give you an attractive landscape which does not require frequent watering.


Many parts of the South experience a rainy season or times when heavy rains are frequent. This may cause your landscape to flood or become a marsh for some time. Stone and gravel can be included in your landscape to drain away excess water and cure your drainage issues.


Perhaps you are thinking of upgrading the landscape but you are not sure what to do. When you choose stone you have so many upgrade options available. Plus, stone can be very impressive and this is an important consideration for a commercial landscape.

Improve Customer Parking

If you have a concrete or asphalt parking area your outdoor spaces may look like all the other local businesses. However, when you pave a drive or parking area with beautiful stone or brick, it sets you apart from the others. This feature is sure to stay in the minds of everyone who visits.

The Beauty of Flagstone Pathways

A flagstone pathway or sidewalk may be the perfect addition to your business. Talk to your commercial landscaping professionals today about all the benefits of stone. You can include some exceptional features to improve your business.

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