Why You Might Need Real Estate Lawyers in Santa Barbara, CA

When to call a lawyer is always a big question. Lawyers do highly specialized work in very narrow fields. They spent decades practicing their work to become more skilled at it. For these reasons, lawyers are often very well-paid. Understandably, many people are reluctant to call a lawyer because they don’t want to spend the money. However, there are certain times when it makes fiscal and emotional sense to call good real estate lawyers to help you. Here are some of those times.

Eminent Domain Cases

Eminent domain is the practice by which a government, usually the federal government, seizes your land for some kind of public use. They are required to pay you a fair market value for your property. Typically, this happens when the federal government or a state government needs to build a road or a pipeline where your property currently sits. Real estate lawyers in Santa Barbara, CA can help you argue your case in eminent domain cases. They can help argue that the project the government is proposing is not actually for the public use and therefore does not fall under eminent domain statutes, or they can argue that the price you are being offered is not actually fair market value.

Property Line Cases

When it comes to demarcating where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins, you can have some problems. Curiosities in property law and redistricting can sometimes cause conflicting cases to occur. When these conflicts occur, you need talented real estate lawyers to be unbiased arbiters. They need to represent your best interests while also acknowledging that this can be a serious emotional drain. Feuding with your neighbors is never ideal, so you need a team of lawyers who understand that you are experiencing a legal as well as an emotional difficulty. That kind of attention can make a rocky situation much smoother.

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