Why You Should Have A Home Safe

Why You Should Have A Home Safe

There are a lot of people who think that a home safe can substitute the services of a bank. However, most security experts would tell you that it’s not a good idea to store your cash, precious jewelry or other valuables in a home safe. For these kinds of treasures, they would recommend depository safe or, better yet, depositing them at a bank.

So, what is a home safe for? A residential Safe in White Plains is designed to safeguard delicate and irreplaceable possessions such as birth certificates, tax records, passports and family memorabilia. Home safes are less expensive and can contain these non-bulky items.

If your home doesn’t have a safe, you must start looking for the best Safe in White Plains now. This can prove to be quite challenging especially if you do not back read on this topic.

To start with, you need to determine the size of the safe you need. With this you have to consider what things you are likely to store inside. Usually, home safes require at least an internal capacity of 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet. This is just enough to accommodate a stack of important documents. If you need to store bulky stuffs, might as well consider a cabinet type of safe.

Once you’ve determined the size that you will likely need, you will have to consider what level of protection you want. Some safes are designed to be either fire or theft proof while others combine both features. There are also designs which are guaranteed water resistant.

Usually, consumers pick a safe based on their budget and not on the features offered. While this is the most practical way, you need to be careful in choosing a Safe in White Plains as improper choice can only lead to waste of money. So what are the criteria that need to be checked?

1. Fire Resistance

The top most concern that you should have is the fire-resistance rating of the safe. When selecting the safe, inquire about the type of material the safe is made. Moreover, you should also ask about the maximum temperature that the fire can withstand and how long. If you plan on storing paper inside, a safe with a 350 degrees F inside temperature can be right for you. But if you’re storing digital devices, you must go for the one that does not exceed 125 degrees F inside temperature. The safe must also withstand fire for at least an hour.

2. Theft Protection

Burglary resistance rating is less of an issue for home safes especially if the purpose is only for storage of records. Anyway, you should still go for a Safe in White Plains that has a rate of at least TL-15 which means can withstand burglary attempts for at least 15 minutes using common locksmith tools. By this time, someone would have responded to the burglary attempt. Most average-sized home safes probably weigh around 100 pounds and thus are less attractive should thieves attack.

Safe White Plains – Having a home safe in White Plains would certainly give your much deserved peace of mind. Learn more about the best safe for your home. Visit High Security Safes & Locks online and get help from a security expert.

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