Window Film Can Protect Both Your Home and Wallet… Here’s How!

Do you live in a region with strong sunlight during summer months? Then you should certainly consider preventing as much sunlight from entering your home as possible. There are several problems that strong sunlight can cause when it enters your home. And no, causing discomfort to you and your family members is just a small one compared to the other ones. These problems include:

  1. Sunlight raises the inner temperature of your home, forcing you to set the air conditioner at lower temperature settings. This has the potential of raising your electricity bill amount by as much as 20%-25%.
  2. The ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight have the ability to cause damage to your furniture and furnishings slowly over time. Any furniture made of wood is particularly susceptible to this kind of degeneration.
  3. Strong sunlight falling directly on someone’s eyes for more than ten seconds can put that person at greater risk of developing cataracts later in life. And the rays do not even need to touch the iris; merely falling on any spot in the cornea is enough!

This is why you should consider installing window films on the windows in your home, in order to safeguard your family members and your expensive furniture and furnishing from the damage caused by sunlight. Installing these will give you several advantages, including:

  1. Lower electricity bills than before is certainly a big advantage that you will get by installing window films. You will be able to set the AC at much higher temperature and still feel comfortable, after all.
  2. The visibility through the windows will not be reduced in any way if you install window films. These are typically colorless, or at most lightly tinted, which will allow plenty of natural light to enter your home.
  3. All window films sport varying degrees of resistance against UV rays. So, by installing these, you will be able to protect wooden furniture from the damaging effects of sunlight. Besides, your family members will feel much comfortable too, since the films will take the harshness away from any sunlight that might enter your home.

So, why wait any longer, while sunlight continues to damage your home, your family, and your wallet? Take decisive action today, and start using window film. Seattle has many reputable dealers, who should be able to get you the best quality products without burning a hole in your wallet. Start looking for such a dealer now!

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