About the Smart Palate System


Speech problems are a major concern, both for adults and children. If you or someone you know is going through problems with speech, it is important to find a therapist who can work with you to resolve any issues. In the past, it was often difficult to determine exactly what was going on based solely on listening and watching. Today, though, the Smart Palate NJ system allows speech pathologists to see exactly what goes on inside the mouth so they can better help the patient.

Custom Made

When a doctor decides to use this system with a patient, the device that is inserted into the mouth is custom made for each patient. This is essential for more than just sanitation reasons. Because everyone’s mouth has a unique shape, the device needs to rest perfectly in the palate space within the mouth. The sensors in this device will then send signals to the computer that show a speech pathologist just what is going on inside the mouth when the patient talks.

Data Link

The custom palate device that is created for each person is attached to a Data Link device the patient wears around his neck. This device is then connected to a computer via a USB cable. As the person talks, the Smart Palate software will create images based on the way the tongue hits the device situated on the roof of the mouth. This gives a speech pathologist a clear view of exactly what happens inside the mouth so they can create the right treatment plan to remedy the problem.


In addition to helping diagnose problems with speech, this high-tech device can also help patients work on their speech when they are not seeing the therapist. Patients are able to plug this device into any computer that has been loaded with the software and practice so they can see whether their tongue is behaving properly during speech. This allows each patient to self-adjust and work on their speech between appointments.

Going through speech problems can be a frustrating experience. Everyone wants and deserves to be understood. With the help of the latest advancements in technology, the Smart Palate system allows both doctors and patients to better see where the errors are occurring to determine how to best fix them. With the customized palate device connected to a computer, speech pathologists can see just what is going on in the mouth and patients can work on their speech, even at home.

Cornerstone Speech & Language provides smart palate program in NJ to help all of their patients learn how to communicate better.

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