2 Common Causes of Spider Veins and the Experts in IL Who Can Help

2 Common Causes of Spider Veins and the Experts in IL Who Can Help

Are you looking in the mirror and have suddenly noticed small thread-like veins that twist and turn and are predominantly purple, blue, or red on your body? Are you seeing them in your legs, chest, hands, and/or face? Are they unsightly but not painful? If you answered yes, then you may be suffering from a condition called spider veins. Here are two main causes of spider veins and who you can trust to help you remove them.

Increased Pressure

Depending on where your spider veins are in your body, one of the most common causes of spider veins is an increase in blood pressure. Each vein contains a one-way valve that helps prevent the blood from flowing backward. When an increase in blood pressure occurs, the one-way valve in the vein becomes damaged, causing blood to pool inside the vein.

Prolonged Standing

Another common cause of spider veins is prolonged standing. If your occupation requires you to stand for long periods of time such as being a nurse, food service employee, and other similar types of occupation that require extensive standing, then spider veins are likely to develop.

Trusted Vein Experts in Illinois

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