Boost Your Beauty Routine with IV Therapy

Boost Your Beauty Routine with IV Therapy

If you’re spending more time at home these days, you’re certainly not alone in your solitude. Some are taking advantage of the opportunity to toss their beauty regimens aside, but others are capitalizing on this downtime. Serums and sheet masks can be powerful tools, but they don’t hold a candle to IV hydration and essential nutrients. Find out how IV therapy might be just what your pandemic pampering routine needs, so you can emerge from quarantine looking and feeling your best.

Diminishing the Signs of Aging with IV Hydration and Supplements

Topical treatments can help to improve the condition of your skin, but the benefits truly are only skin deep. Even the most powerful moisturizers and emulsions are surface treatments; for this reason, it’s not uncommon for people to call in beauty-boosting reinforcements in the form of oral supplements. While your body will absorb some of the nutrients, minerals and beneficial compounds through the digestive tract, oral delivery is still not the most efficient or effective method of delivery.

IV hydration and drip therapies flood your body with customized protocols designed with the unique needs of your individual body in mind. Anti-aging IV therapy is released directly into the bloodstream where it bathes your circulatory system in coenzymes like NAD+, glutathione, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, CoQ10 and Resveratrol. Collagen production is stimulated to preserve or restore the youthful bounce of healthy skin, while deep hydration provides a lit-from-within glow.

Beauty and Whole-Body Wellness on Your Terms

Sheltering in place doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your sense of wellness, or the ground you’ve gained in a fight against time. At Kaizen Progressive Health, we provide wholly customizable IV therapy protocols tailored to your body to target your most pressing concerns. Our care team is helmed by a board-certified anesthesiologist, and our mobile concierge team makes it easy to secure IV therapy in your home, office or hotel room.

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