3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Ecommerce SEO Agency

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Ecommerce SEO Agency

The benefits to hiring a top ecommerce SEO agency are impossible to miss. Websites will see an increase in traffic, both for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as well as through organic search engine results.

The professional ecommerce SEO agency will also provide up to date reporting and analytics, showing ecommerce website owners just how the strategy is working. They can also fully integrate your social media campaigns within your website SEO, bringing in even more traffic which will help provide you with the best opportunity to increase conversions.

Sometimes, in the rush to choose an ecommerce SEO agency, people new to ecommerce websites make very simple mistakes when selecting a company. To help prevent these errors try to avoid the following common pitfalls.

Hiring on Price Alone

An effective ecommerce SEO agency will spend considerable time working with your website. It involves looking through all the code, changing descriptions, and sometimes even restructuring the website to create logical and functional pages, categories, and subcategories within the site.

A company offering a very low price either isn’t going to spend the necessary time to make the changes needed or doesn’t understand the work involved.

Hiring Without Reference Checks

Anyone can put up a website and advertise that they are an ecommerce SEO agency. As with any other professional service, just be sure to complete your investigation by asking for references.

Also, be sure to talk directly to the website owners that are on reference lists. Ask specifically about the benefits they saw working with the agency, the level of professionalism they experienced and how reporting and communication was handled. Look for positive answers to each of the questions you ask, but also ask about the size and scope of the project so you know if it is comparable to yours.

Over Promising Results

An ethical and professional ecommerce SEO agency can’t promise specific results, but they can typically provide a range of what you can expect. A lot of this has to do with the number of products you are selling, how saturated the market is in those particular sales, as well as what your budget is for the improvements you want to make.

An excellent ecommerce SEO agency will also create effective reporting strategies. This will provide you with the analytics and can show you how and why their services are helping the website bring in more traffic.