3 Uses for Industrial Mixing Systems in Chicago That Might Surprise You

3 Uses for Industrial Mixing Systems in Chicago That Might Surprise You

Industrial mixing systems are devices that mix things on a large scale for industrial applications. There are plenty of uses for devices like these, many you can probably think of on your own. However, there are plenty that may be more surprising to learn about. Here are three uses for these mixing systems that you might not expect.


For large-scale food production in factories, a industrial mixing systems can be a good way to combine different ingredients into a homogeneous mixture. Ice cream is a good example, both in its initial creation as well as for evenly blending and distributing things like chocolate chips into the ice cream base.


Whether they’re solid, liquid or gaseous, making medicines often involves mixing different chemicals together. Being able to do this on an industrial scale and create well-mixed solutions greatly increases the output of pharmaceuticals and makes it easier to get people the treatment they need quicker.

Wine Making

Gas blending is used in making wine to flush oxygen and carbon dioxide out of the finished wine so as not to create off-flavors, a process that relies on mixing things like nitrogen through the liquid. This is done on an industrial scale with larger vine manufacturers.

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