Mistakes To Avoid With First Time Box Truck Leasing

Mistakes To Avoid With First Time Box Truck Leasing

Making the choice to lease a box truck rather than buying has both cost savings as well as tax advantages for many small to large sized businesses throughout Texas. As with any type of contractual agreement, making sure you are making wise choices with your box truck leasing company is always an important aspect of the process.

In general terms, a box truck is a medium duty type of truck and may sometimes be called a cube truck or cube van. Unlike a van, the box truck has a separate cab and cargo compartment, allowing for more actual cargo space in the box. There may also be various configurations in the box including racks and storage that can be customized depending on specific hauling requirements.

Using an Unknown Leasing Company

You will find box truck leasing offered in a variety of different places, including online sites and even in local advertising. While some of these unknown companies may offer incredible rates on leasing, there are considerable risks involved as well.

Most of these companies offer no support service, which means that if the lease truck breaks down, it is your responsibility to get it into their authorized dealer for repair. You may also find that you wait days for a repair or a replacement truck, costing you additional money and lost customers.

Not Reading the Lease Agreement

Take the time to read completely any type of lease agreement or contract entered into, particularly if it is a long-term lease. You don’t want to be trapped in a lease that is costly or that doesn’t suit your needs, and then end up paying a penalty for terminating the lease agreement early.
Make sure you read the entire agreement, including the fine print. Top companies offering box truck leasing will review the contract with customers and answer any questions to ensure complete understanding of the terms.

Accepting Limited Selection

Many of the smaller truck lease companies have a small fleet of trucks. All of those trucks will be located on one lot, which is convenient if you live in that area. On the other hand, the larger and more established lease companies will offer a wide selection of trucks in multiple locations, providing more convenience for their customers.

These same companies in Texas may also offer sales along with leasing, which is a great option to be able to try out a specific truck for an extended period and then, when you find the right box truck for your needs, you can convert from leasing to buying or take advantage of the cost savings of ongoing leasing options.