4 Primary Features of Tire Stem Valve Caps

4 Primary Features of Tire Stem Valve Caps

Fuel equivalent to about 130 billion gallon was used in cars and light trucks in 2005, out of which about 1-2 billion gallons was wasted for driving with under-inflated tires. This information was provided by the US Transportation Research Board. Tire stem valve caps’ main function is to ensure that there is no leakage from the tires through the stem caps. However, there are many features attributed to this car accessory that a car or mini truck owner must know.

Major Features of Tire Stem Valve Caps

Given below are the quality features of the tire stem valve caps which are critical a passenger car:

  • Visual appeal

Whether you buy cars for utility purpose or to highlight your status in the society, you will definitely want to keep your prized possession in good condition. However, enhancing the visual appeal of your car is not always an expensive affair. Tire stem valve caps are usually made of high quality chrome, solid brass, aluminum or stainless steel which renders a lustrous surface while making it durable at the same time.

  • Branded logo

If you own a BMW or an Audi, you can increase the style quotient of the car with the respective companies’ logo on the top of the valve caps. Find an experienced retailer who has a good market reputation for authentic logo valve caps.

  • Fuel saving

This accessory has a integrated mechanism to save fuel. Firstly, the surface is knurled up so that you can easy tighten the cap with the stem which prevents gas to escape from the tire through the stem. Driving with under-inflated tires will allow more of the tire’s surface area to come in contact with the road. To this end, the car would demand more energy to move forward, thereby utilizing more fuel.

  • Wear and tear prevention

Investing in the smallest details of the car can result in huge savings since this can prevent major damages that vehicles experience while on road. Since the force applied to the tire would be more in order to push under-inflated tires forward, driving even at an initial speed would cause a significant damage to the tires. Therefore, using good quality tire stem valve caps is a wise choice when it comes to maintaining your car’s value.

Before placing an order for the products online, it is advisable to visit different retailers’ website and compare the prices with the quality. Also, check if the retailers provide customer service and have considerable experience in the business.


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