A Fake Hedge Wall Is a Great Decorator’s Touch

A Fake Hedge Wall Is a Great Decorator’s Touch

A fake hedge wall is a great option for any space, especially commercial spaces. It can add privacy, create a visual barrier between spaces and green up any space. This on trend designer touch can be used in the home, retail space, restaurants, office space and more.

The Benefits

Let’s face facts a living green wall is time consuming. It requires plenty of attention, it is expensive to install, and it can be iffy as to whether it is going to thrive and survive. It can be a lot of work for very little reward if you do not have a green thumb. With a fake hedge wall, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed anywhere regardless of whether there is natural light available or not
  • It never has to be watered which means you do not have to worry about environmental impact
  • It never has to be trimmed or tended to which means you do not have to worry about maintenance
  • It comes fully green and ready to install so you do not have to wait months or years for it to get established
  • They are perfect for hard to reach areas
  • The look simply stunning
  • They are completely on trend right now

If you are considering a “living wall” for your space, consider a high quality artificial green wall to save yourself time, cost and the headache of worrying about whether the wall will survive. It is an easy solution for any space that needs that something extra.

Add That Designer Look

Whether you are a professional interior designer or simply a property owner that wants that professional polished designer look, a fake hedge wall from Evergreen Walls is the solution you are searching for.

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