Tips For Working With Pinch Valve Manufacturers

Tips For Working With Pinch Valve Manufacturers

As an OEM or as a company or business requiring valves, fittings and components for repair and service work, finding a reliable supplier of pinch valves and other specialty types of valves makes ordering a much easier task.

In choosing an experienced, established and highly related manufacturer to partner with, any business has the confidence in placing their order and knowing that the valves will arrive on schedule and to the exacting specifications of the order. This is true for both off-the-shelf types of orders for standard pinch valves, as well as for custom orders.

Custom Order Capabilities

Not all pinch valve manufacturers are set up to provide custom valves. Many simply produce standard valve sizes, which may or may not include miniature valves. However, there are some pinch valve manufacturers that do offer custom orders, and a small number of these companies have a primary focus in manufacturing custom valves for a range of different industries.

Even with standard valve orders, the on-hand inventory, and the ability to provide fast order turnaround and delivery to your schedule are two important factors to consider.

An Easy Design Process

For custom valves, look for pinch valve manufacturers that have an easy way to order the custom valves online. The best companies offer a handy online configuration tool that allows the customer to choose options that meet specific requirements for the valve.

These online tools may not provide all the possibilities in configurations, materials, and options, but they are highly effective for the vast majority of custom orders.


For quality control, supply chain management and to reduce the cost of the product and delivery, pinch valve manufacturers that are located in the United States are always a good choice. Look for companies with experience, expertise, and a specialization in custom valve manufacturing for the best possible solution.