A Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Disability Hearing

Statistically, two-thirds of all applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Although this can be hard to accept, it is a fact that applicants have to deal with. The Social Security Administration allows those that were denied benefit an opportunity to appeal the ruling. You may not have employed a Social Security attorney in Stanton to help you with the application, but you should certainly consider hiring one to assist with your appeal.

The first stage of the appeal process is simply asking the Administration to have a second look and reconsider their initial decision. The chances of a reversal are slim, from their point of view nothing has changed, what is the reason for the change?

The second, and by far the most important stage of the appeals process is to meet face to face with an Administrative Law Judge. If your disability is presented properly and backed up with supporting date and expert witnesses, the chances of success are quite high. Applicants that appear at the hearing with their Social Security attorney in Stanton have about an 80 percent chance of success.

Why is an attorney important?

An attorney that specializes in disability cases knows what the Administrative Law Judge will be looking for when it comes to your disability; your lawyer will know what tests you should take to determine your functional limitations. A seasoned attorney can arrange for all the medical evidence that is needed to support your contention. Your attorney will also gather supporting date from those members of the medical community that have treated you.

Perhaps the most important thing your own attorney will do is be your advocate. The ALJ will usually be backed up by a vocational expert; your attorney will know how to handle all the questions this expert poses. Having tutored you in advance of the hearing, between you and your attorney you will have a very good chance of being approved for much-needed benefits.

Having a seasoned Social Security attorney in Stanton is highly recommended, especially when your case reaches the stage of a one on one hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. You are welcome to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen online at http://lawnjh.com/social-security-disability/

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