Adoption Services in Phoenix, AZ, Can Help You Adopt a Child with Special Needs

When you desire to complete your family, you have many options. Some families strictly have biological children, some have strictly adopted children and others have a combination of adopted and biological children. If you and your spouse decide you would like to add to your family through adoption, you need the assistance of one of the many adoption services in Phoenix, AZ. Before you determine which agency you should use, you need to determine if you are open to a special needs adoption.

What Are Special Needs?

Most people consider special needs children those with severe physical or mental handicaps. This is not always the case; sometimes special needs simply mean the child has a certain development delay, not necessarily a severe handicap. It could mean a child needs medication to help with a certain ailment or needs a little extra help in school and at home when it comes to learning. Some kids will have severe handicaps, such as the inability to walk without crutches, need the support of a wheelchair or they might have an illness, such as diabetes or epilepsy.

Your Limits

When you and your spouse consider adopting, you need to determine what level of special needs you will be able to handle, if any. Some children will require extensive amounts of attention and extra support, whether it means many doctor’s appointments, managing medication or being their advocate at school. Before securing the help of any adoption services in Phoenix, AZ, you and your spouse will have to evaluate your capabilities and determine what you and your family can handle.


Since adopted children could obviously come from a variety of cultures or races, you have to determine which children you are open to adding to your family. If race or culture makes a difference to you, it will be important to make those concerns known upfront. This allows you to be properly matched with the foster or adoptive child who will fit within your family and will be welcomed with open arms.

If you and your family have decided you wish to adopt, you will have many choices to make. One of the most important decisions will be whether you can handle a child with special needs. After plenty of soul searching, if you and your family decide this is the right path for you, it will be necessary to secure the help of adoption services in Phoenix, AZ, that specialize in special needs adoptions to make your dreams come true.

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