Furnace Replacement Springfield: Considerations to Make

In the same way that cars become more fuel efficient by the day, the ever soaring energy prices in the form of oil, electricity, propane and natural gas has resulted in the market designing more energy efficient heating systems. As a matter of fact, modern furnaces are many times more energy efficient than the old, outmoded systems that operate in a majority of homes in Springfield, IL.

Therefore, most homeowners have to, at some point, start comparing furnace replacement Springfield options. Out of all the energy-consuming systems in your home, the cooling and heating systems use up the most energy in the long run. You may actually attribute 35-50% of your entire utility bill to cooling and heating. Therefore, furnace replacement Springfield seems to be the most likely options as regards saving up of energy expenses in your home.

When you start shopping for a modern furnace to replace your current one, there are a number of things that you keep in mind:
* BTU Output – This refers to the amount of heat, in British Thermal Units, that the furnace generates.
* Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) – This is the standard measurement of efficiency of a furnace. When considering furnace replacement, you should factor in the percentage of input energy that the new furnace converts to output energy that warms up your home.
* Furnace configuration – The blower unit, or “air handler,” of a “low boy” furnace is found at the rear of the heat exchanger, which allows for a short furnace. On the other hand, the air handler of a “high boy” rests underneath the heat exchanger, making it tall.
* Sealed Combustion Furnace – Also referred to as a “high efficiency furnace,” such a furnace replacement would not require a chimney or indoor air for its combustion. It uses a small pipe to draw air from outside, as a small fan blows flue gases outside, eliminating the need of an exhaust chimney. The flue gases are cool enough to pass through a plastic pipe. This system is ideal for a home that is air-sealed and insulated as it is energy efficient.
* The Atmospheric Combustion Furnace relies on indoor air for combustion and requires an exhaust chimney.
* Electric Furnaces – This furnace replacement would be budget friendly as these furnaces are not expensive to purchase. However, they are quite expensive to maintain and are not popular with homeowners in Springfield.
* Gas furnaces – Standard gas furnaces may operate without malfunctioning well into their 10th year, but they operate at an efficiency of 65% or lower.

These are but a few of the considerations that you should make when replacing your furnace. Adequate research will ensure that you buy the most suitable furnace for your home.

When considering furnace replacement in Springfield, BTU Output and furnace configurations are some of the things that you should consider. For further information, visit our website.

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