Air Conditioning Services in Kitsap County Will Provide A Pre-season Air Conditioner Check-up

Air Conditioning Services in Kitsap County Will Provide A Pre-season Air Conditioner Check-up

Air conditioning systems are one of those comforts that we really miss when it doesn’t work. Sometimes, an air conditioning system can be prevented from going into a failure mode, and causing the house to heat up unbearably on the hottest day of the year.

Preventive maintenance by having an annual check-up will ensure that your system is ready for the summer season. An annual check-up will review the functioning of several parts of the system.

The Air Conditioning Services in Kitsap County will first check the refrigerant level which often drops because of a leak. Fixing the leak will save money in the long run because refrigerant is costly. The outside fan that pulls the hot air from the home should be checked. Bad wiring may be the culprit, and examining it is necessary.

Frozen indoor coils caused by not changing the filters often enough will prevent the system from cooling. These will need to be cleaned or the system will not cool the home. If these are not cleaned, then the compressor and fans may fail.

Electrical wiring and connections should be checked. These often corrode and eventually cause malfunctioning of the system.

A blocked condenser needs to be cleaned. The condenser fins need to be cleaned with a special brush and a specially formulated cleaner. The fan motor will be checked for lubrication ports while cleaning the fins.

The air being emitted from the outlets in the ceiling should be checked for the temperature when the system is working. The air flow should be at the temperature set by the thermostat. The air flow duct work should be checked to be sure there are no restrictive kinks, or that the diameter of the duct work is too small.

The thermostat is a device that is so easy to operate, and it maintains the cooling and the heating temperatures. Some thermostats are designed to function by changing the temperature when the homeowners are not home.

Has more information on what to expect in a cleaning. An annual cleaning is essential to maintain an efficient and properly operating air conditioner. Visit Quality Heating Electrical & AC for more details.