Benefit The Environment With A Green Burial

Many people are becoming more aware of the footprint they leave on the earth. In keeping with this, many funeral homes are offering minimalist burials where families can choose a natural burial ground for their loved one’s remains. This natural burial ground allows the departed to be buried with only minimal environmental impact. This ensures the least amount of carbon footprint while preserving the earth’s natural resources.

Responsible burial practices

It is possible to find local funeral homes that will provide this service. They will participate in responsible burial practices to ensure that their client’s wishes are carried out. This means that they will adhere to the highest level of conscious funeral service and burial practices. Working with a funeral home that is sensitive to this type of service will ensure the best results for your Green burial.

What is involved in a green burial?

When considering a Green Burial, many people may be interested in the concept but not have an understanding of the process. When choosing a natural burial ground, it helps to visit with a funeral home director who can explain the process in depth. They will be able to discuss what options are available to you and assist you with planning every detail. The right funeral home can also provide a natural burial ground where your loved one can also be wrapped in a shroud instead of a traditional casket.

With a green burial, you can bury your loved one while protecting the earth and making certain that the impact of the funeral service is minimal. Contact your local funeral home to get this trusted service provided to you for the interment of your departed loved one. A natural burial ground can be a sacred and final resting place for your departed.

Cascade Memorial can provide a natural burial ground for a Green Burial service. Visit them online for more information at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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